About Us


The Diocese of Saint Cuthbert is a part of the Christian Communion International  and The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.  We see ourselves as an Ancient-Future expression of the faith, a blending of the Evangelical, the Charismatic, and the Sacramental streams of the Church. A harmony of the Scripture, Spirit, and Sacrament.

We have a strong identification with the faith of the early apostolic  Church and early Celtic tradition of the Church, emphasizing relationship, community, and journey. While we have our distinctive characteristics, we have an unfailing understanding of the unity of the Church and see ourselves not as separate followers, but as fellow pilgrims.

Our worship communities have a varied expression, touching the lives of those with whom they live, living in the reality of the Presence of Christ, they reflect the ideals of ancient Celtic monastic communities.  Additionally, two religious orders are associated with the Diocese: The Companions of Christ (an ecumenical Dominican order of preachers),  and the Order of St. Columba.  We invite you to explore this web-site to discover more about the clergy, the communities, and the ministries of the Diocese of Saint Cuthbert.

We invite you to live the mystery, encounter the Holy, and join us on the journey!

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