Orders and Societies:

Companions of Christ

The Companions of Christ is a Religious Order of the
Christian Communion International and Communion of Convergence Churches. It is
an ecumenical fraternal Order of Preachers which is Dominican in tradition and
spirituality. The Companions are clergy and laity, men and women, whose purpose
is To preach the “Good News” of Jesus Christ throughout the world. To advance
the Kingdom of God. To strengthen, encourage, and equip those engaged in the
preaching of the Gospel

The Companions seek to meet this mission by endeavoring to:
Uphold one another in times of trial and troubles Pray for one another on a
continual basis and to be a unified voice in prayer in times of need. Practice a
life of spiritual discipline Work to restore and raise up those who may stumble
in their walk. Foster greater understanding and unity between the various
expressions of the Christian faith Share our resources, contacts, insights and
common life to the greater glory of God.

Order of St. Columba


Celebrations of Hope

Healing for the Nations

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